How to store MarthaRoz's Figurines?

 How to store figurines?

Tips for storing MarthaRoz's Figiurines

  • Keep the figurines at room temperature cardboard box. Do NOT store decorations in plastic containers. They  can reabsorb moisture from  the enclosed environment and begin to “ sweat” , becoming soft. 
  • DO store in a cool, dry place- if you have  a designated space  away from central heating, windows, humidity, etc. they will be fine to store there, otherwise in the dining/ living room cupboard will be fine.
  • DO NOT store decorations in the kitchen as they can become hot and  humid with all the cooking and cleaning  that take place. This can cause dried decorations  to reabsorb moisture and become soft.
  • DO NOT  store decorations next to strong flavors. 
  • DO NOT  leave decorations in direct sunlight. The colors could fade resulting  in a rather washed out, faded look.
  • How long will figurines keep? Keep the figurine in a cool, dark place for up to 12 month. Please note that my figurines are  cover modeling sugar paste but  are not edible, decoration only.  My oldest figurine is 16 years old :)


The Cake Toppers cover High-Quality Edible Modelling Paste. They may also contain toothpick, wire, styrofoam forms and/or other components for stability, so they are not meant for consumption and are for decorative purposes only.


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