How was MarthaRoz atelier born:

Hi,I am Martha, a creative soul with a passion for art. For several years decorative art and cake toppers are „my world”. The act of creating fills my heart with joy.

How did it all start?
I learned how to draw and paint with my Papa as a child. Passion for art & crafts grew in me many years. I experimented with different textures, shapes and architectural elements to create a unique design language my works are combined with elements of painting, decoupage, modeled flowers. 
Many years later it became clear to me what gives me most joy and what I want to focus on. In 2017, motivated by my family and friends, I decided to embark on the adventure to fulfill the dreams by creating handcrafted & hand painted personalized decorations and figurines.
 In 2021 I knew it was time to create a shop with my decorative art and cake toppers. Although my "Etsy shop” is in the initial phase, you can already see some my own artistic workshop style.

I so much excited to share my works with you! I hope you find something here that makes you happy! If you'd like to talk about any custom project, please feel free to get in touch and we'll have chat.

Thanks ,Martha 
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